Bodensee Restaurant - About Us

Doina and Aurel Prodan


Chef Aurel Prodan attended culinary school in Romania for the studies of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Aurel and his wife, Doina, spent their early years as a Chef and waiter in a local Romanian restaurant.

In 1981, they moved to Bavaria, Germany where he continued his career as a Chef. In 1990, they moved  to Baban-Wuretenberg (Schwabenland) where Chef Aurel became a renowned Master Chef.

Today Master Chef Aurel Prodan and Doina live in the beautiful alpine village of Helen, Georgia. They are the owners of Bodensee Restaurant. They are bring "Old World Germany" to Georgia's famous alpine village.

Master Chef Aurel Prodan, along with his talented kitchen staff and courteous wait-staff greet you and wish you an enjoyable visit with us.

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